Thursday, December 28, 2006



Anonymous said...

Now, who could they be?

Susannah said...

Happy New Year to you Greg. i've just found your blog - i wish for you a happy, healthy and clarity-filled 2007 :-)

Trudging said...

Cute kids, happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated 2007! Hope things are OK ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Greg, I'm a random visitor, I was searching on "playing stupid" and came across your site.

An important lesson I learned recently in regards to addiction comes down to listening to other people. For the past several months I've done nothing but take people's advice on things since I saw my life kind of falling apart. That was probably the dumbest thing I could have done, as they were attributing my behaviour solely to my use of cigarettes and marijuana. Other people will generally not know the status of your health better than you.

I was in a continual circle of arguing with myself about life issues and observations about my own behaviour. I know you use the Jekyll/Hyde analogy, and that was kind of a similar hell I felt like I was going through. At one point I thought there was some type of synchronism occurring in my life, where random events carried some deeper meaning. When things started to get really crazy, I ended up temporarily breaking off a relationship with a girl that I love and started taking a more scientific approach to what I was dealing with. I started noticing various types of congestion and pains that previously did not exist. This was making me additionally lethargic as I was lacking energy due to some health problem. It seems that I had contracted some type of sinus infection that caused excessive pressure on the frontal lobe of my brain. It was influencing the way I thought and my ability to make decisions. It wasn't immediately obvious since I didn't have obvious signs, such as a constant runny nose.

After taking antibiotics for a few weeks, my ability to think clearly increased dramatically and I wasn't in a constant cycle of self argument. Since this point I've decided to quit smoking cigarettes but will still smoke pot on occasion. It seems that smoking causes various types of respiratory problems leading to increases in infection and possibly to things like meningitis, which can result from infection if left untreated for too long. I know a lot of what I read on here was from a while back, but I figured it's better to give someone a head's up on something like this since no one else will.

If you feel like giving me a shout, my email is a f x g r i n @ g m a i l . c o m