Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Camping from HELL!!!

I should have just stayed home! Every thing Went wrong this trip. It was like dumb and dummer out their on the lake. 3 fish were smarter than 2 grown men. 1 of thoes 3 got away thi big one...DIE FISH DIE... Anyways things are well I slept good this morning after having been up 26 hrs...

AHH the (ex) wife and my daughter. This is my current picture on my desktop andIt's funny How Manny feelings this has stirred up in dhe last day or two. The skeleton is no longer out of sight out of mind.
Arrgh it's going to be a doubble post...Go eat a Mc Skillet burito tommrow morning @ your local Mc Donalds

Do Do DO Do do I'm Lovin it

Friday, April 18, 2008

time for a bender?

My sponsor and I were fishing last week on my 30Th 31st day sober and he commented It's about time I go on a bender and loose everything i got back. I've Got another decent job a laptop and sobriety:) :) :) no benders 4 me today. Good night all have a good day