Saturday, December 09, 2006

Food for thought.

It seems their is really only one thing in life that I devote myself too 100% and unfortunately It isn't anything really worth while. The times that I try to apply this "drive" to something worthwhile, You'll hear people say "He has great potential." or "It's a shame. He had such good potential."

I do not want to live my old lifestyle anymore. But it's comfortable. It's a constant variable. When I smoke pot I know exatly how I'm going to feel. I know when I call the "Florist" that the Marijuana I'm going to purchase will produce the exact same thing every time.

What I'm trying to say is I know what to expect with pot. EVERYTHING else in life (besides drugs, ...And for those of you who drink theirs alcohol) Has too many variables. People are unpredictable and untrustworthy. Maybe depending on who you hang out with I suppose but I was homeless hitch hiking across the country for almost 14 years and I have met a lot of people! And my stand is most aren't worth my time.
I would be perfectly content being a hermit in the mountains. Living like Adam in the Garden with God Before eve showed up and fucked it all up. Women lets talk about that for awhile. I'm tired of living a life by myself. Wh...No this gets to deep and personal. So in short women usually are psycho. God I'm 28 almost 29 and have been alone now for almost 5 years now! How much longer do I have to wait for a GOOD Girl?

So ... ?


dAAve said...

a good girl?
or a bad girl?
I'm told that we have to be comfortable with ourselves if we expect somone to be comfortable with us.

kel said...


it's time for a little play. You have been tagged. that means you have to go to my blog to see what to do next.

Alcoholic Brain said...