Saturday, March 15, 2008

So Maybe It really is a disease.

Welcome back Gregory,

2 days after my 30th birthday, 4 days clean. How was my birthday? I spent it in de-tox comming off heroin! not bad though but... It was a GOD THING that I was able to walk away so soon. I ended up falling victom to that first drink, that 1 year later eventually led not just to where I left off but beyond.
In July I did not get custody of my daughter and walked away. Well I think I gave up a long tine before that. My last entry I gave Or before? None the less here I am again and hopefully I've learned enough that I wont have to try that desperate experiment of the first drink. Yet the funny thing is that I don't like liquor! yet it always ends me up right back where i left off.
I work @ Mc Donalds now and my job is on very thin ice and hopefully I can move it eventually back to solid ground before the ice breaks... till next time...