Monday, September 25, 2006

Reality beacon

Good morning. Home sweet home :):):) The reality beacon has been turned on. (Singing... I can see clearly now the rain is gone...I can see all the obstacles in my way...)

The picture before this I wasn't smiling. Amber said "Daddy you need to smile." so we took this picture. It's a fake smile. I was in no mood for a smile. Because moments later it would be good-bye. I tried not to cry, But...I did.

Yes that's right folk's...I'm the guy traveling with a 4' stuffed dog. My daughter gave this to me, right before she left she said it was "To remember her by." The tears welled up... And fell...

On the way their I ate yellow watermelon. Quite a different flavor and...Better than regular watermelon. Custody, school. Housing, clothes, medicine, Dr.'s, shoes, glasses, college, and boy friends, (better go find me a shotgun...) This is only to start the list.

Candy Land. Once a Child hood escape into a world not my own. A time when I had creativity and dreams. Now a boring game. All the fantasy's, and mystery, Eaten up by puberty, And addiction.

Girl friend: "Greg I'm pregnant"
Greg: "OH F**K!!!!!"
Mr, Hyde: "RUUUUUNN!!!!!!!"
Dr, Jekyll: "Ruuuuuun!!!"
Greg: "Run!!!"
Greg: "See ya!! Bye bye now."
Wife: "You bastard where are you going?"
Mr. Hyde: "SWEET lets have some fun."

...6 years later I can't understand WTF Was I thinking??? Seeing my daughter this last weekend has replentished my pride in being a father. And for this I'm EXTREMELY grAAteful.


kel said...

Your daughter is beautiful!! Is the little boy yours too? Glad your trip went well, feel bad how sad you must have felt leaving.....

Dier said...

Wow, Greg this is great. I am so glad you are sober. Yellow watermelon? Candy Land! Yeeaaah!

Stay sober so I can see more beautiful pics. I am so selfish!


Gwen said...

Sorry I posted under Reids name ;)

dAAve said...

It sounds like a very fruitful trip. Being sober, you now have the opportunity to actually have "feelings".
I'm glad you made it back intact, sober and ready to continue your life.

Sober Chick said...

You know as daughters we often crave the presence of our fathers so deperately . . . I waited many years for my dad since I was a child. . . I still do as a 30 year old woman. Today I understand that the disease is taking him under, drowing him slowly. However, if he walked back into my life today, sober, I would forgive him witout blinking.

What you do now is precious, walking and fighting every day to keep your sanity and remain free from self destruction. Your daughter will keep her love for you now, tomorrow and thensome. It is what you are doing today that she is discovering a true hero. Keep walking this path -- she is so beautiful.

Alcoholic Brain said...

Good stuff...Who pee'd in the watermellon?LOL