Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mr. M's :):):)

What a good day it is when Mr. Anal retentive is not their. LOL. In fact he was supposed to be in 4 work @ 4pm 4 an orentation. Guess what...Mr. M (the general mgr) was a no call no show. it sucks cause I suppose shit floats and he's the top floater and we cant seem to flush him. LOL. I worked 11 hrs today so I'm going 2 bed. Happy early hnt to u all and hope u all have a good HNT. I'm so excited to go see my daughter:):):) the days seem to go by slower and slower the closer it gets.
good night my friends


Trudging said...

Great picture

dAAve said...

Of course, you're powerless over what your boss does. Or doesn't do.

Scott W said...

That's some cool shorts ya got there!