Saturday, September 16, 2006

Finally it's Friday.

This picture does not display size very well:( This is an enormous pancake. It took 2 of us to flip it:) Just picture a smiley face on it, it looks better:)

Good morning. WOW 34 hours in 3 days. I'm going to love this check:):):) I'm so glad it's my Friday:):):) VACATION TIME WOO HOO :):):) All is well here in my world.
I need to get a life! Eat, Sleep, Work. It seems that this is all I do! ...Smoke pot, Slam dope, lay in the park. Is what I'm accustomed to. So In this case change is defiantly good. I just have to learn how to say no a little more often when I'm asked to fill in the blanks in the schedule...Nah really I don't mind working so much. It's really slowing down and so I expect that next month I'll probably have more free time:)

I Found my happy place on Thursday :):):) I'm very excited about this:):):) I have been looking 4 a happy place to go to when things are rough for a long time:( I finally found it:):):)



dAAve said...

A great goal is for one's Happy Place to be inside one's head.

Greg said...

it is