Thursday, September 07, 2006

About my day

Ahh 3:45 am the American Flag and the full moon on a Beautiful morning :)

My friends the raccoons :) I see them every morning :) This one wasn't quite close enough for the flash to get a good pic

This Frog has been on the same fountain 2 mornings in a row and is the reason I brought my camera to work with me :)

5:55 am The first eggs on the grill and some sausage.

About 9 am and this crow lives close to work. I wish this pic had turned out better too.

After work about 3:30 pm. I was mistaken 3 times as a Safeway employee. I had a blast helping people like I knew what I was doing. And the emotions they went through when they took a closer look at my wendys hat and name tag, it dawned on them that they had made fools of themselves and I do not work at safeway... It was gr8 :):):)

I have been racking my brain how to post a smiley face for every one. Well here it is. So here is a smiley for all of you from a very tired me :)

Happy hnt everyone :) I suppose I was a little eager to post so I got it ready last night so all I had to do is post publish this morning... I thought it would be stamped as Published this morning. Anyways it's (Holy cow) 5:14pm I have about 20 min before I have to go to bed. Good night and hope every one has had a good day:):):)
Merry CHRISTmas


sharonsjourney said...

I really enjoyed your day!

dAAve said...

nice post

kel said...

Love the pics and your sense of humor!!!

Trudging said...

Yes, a nice post!

Gwen said...

Nice smiley! Crash Test Dummies?