Sunday, September 10, 2006

3 months old

"The idea that somehow, someday he will control and enjoy his drinking is the great obsession of every abnormal drinker. The persistence of this illusion is astonishing. Many pursue it into the gates of insanity or death." big book pg 30

Today I'm grateful 4:

1:) A day off:):):)
2:) Nasty coffee.
3:) Back 2 hideously dry tobacco.
4:) A Day off:):):)
5:) An almost clean room.
6:) Music.
7:) A day off:):):)
8:) Food.
9:) Friends.
10:) A day off:):):)
11:) I'm not medicating my disease with drugs and alcohol but with AA and NA some step work and A sponsor. Toss in some service work and a bit of good attitude and so far so good:):):)x333
12:) I don't have to feed the monkey... No I don't have to feed the gorilla on my back anymore.
13:) I don't have a chip on my shoulder today.
14:) A day off:):):)
15:) A fresh pot of folgers brewing:)
16:) Mr. M
17:) Walking to and from work 4 eleven days:) Oh was it beautiful:)
18:) I work the 05:30 to 15:00 shift all week next week and get to walk to work at 03:30 again:):):)
19:) A day off:):):)
20:) My ingrown toe nail has healed.
21:) Petrol has temporally gone under $3 a gallon.
22:) 26 days till roommate #2 moves out :)x333,333,333.
23:) An increasing desire to become closer to my HP.
24:) WOO HOO :):):) I've been sober 90 days now. :):):)
25:) I'm not in THIS
mess any more:):):)
26:) AHHH Folgers.
27:) Sober insanity v.s. Alcoholic insanity.
28:) Sobriety.
29:) 9 days till vacation.
30:) All of u:)
31:) Snow at CHRISTmas. (I cant wait till CHRISTmas)
32:) The elusive skunk that wont stay still long enough 4 me 2 take his pic the last 3 times I've seen him.
33:) Using dreams/Waking up sober:):):)
34:) So far 11 super fantastic days in a row:):):)
35:) The proverbial pink cloud
36:) some good pics this week

Seconds before my "alarm clock" came tearing through:)

37:) I've paid rent again. This makes 5 months now, and yet another miracle in sobriety.
38:) A day off:):):)
39:) Advice from dAAve to pray positive things 4 roommate #2. Thanks dAAve.
40:) Music on my blog. Thanks Gwen
41:) Kel Constantly reminding me of my "old ways" and 4 the prince to remind me where I do not want 2 go again.
42:) My nocturnal friends in the park the Coons, Skunk, Frog and Herons.
43:) Laundry. Finally I get 2 do some laundry:):):)
44:) I remembered 2 turn off the water in the tub today:) usually I forget and let it run for 45 min or more.
45:) A bad day sober is BETTER than a good day intoxicated:):):)
46:) I don't have a catheter:):):) LOL I p freely.LOL (I find this very funny 4 some reason. Sorry)
47:) Earl grey tea and cammo-meal tea (spelling of course)
48:) I'm not homeless:):):)
49:) I have a Computer.
50:) A great job/A day off.
51:) 4 once in life I'm finally a person people enjoy being around.
52:) I don't steal anymore.
53:) My honesty improves daily:):):)
54:) Sober I remember what I'm learning, v.s. intoxicated I learn what I remember and that's to stay loaded. (Does this make sense?)
55:) I don't have 2 chase oblivion, or the bag/bottle.:):):)x3
56:) My perspective on life has done an about face:):):)
57:) I'm not as stupid as I was when I was a teenager.
58:) I can say NO!!! And b ok with that.
59:) Breakfast. Green beans and chocolate frosting... Yummy. (refer to #27. LOL)
60:) People who care about me v.s. people who despise me.
61:) Bill and Dr. Bob
62:) Foot ball season.
63:) A gr8 relationship with my Dad and Mom
64:) Mom might be meeting me in Idaho.
65:) Tossing back a cold one after work no longer means beer or a long island ice tea, but a nice cold safeway select soda.:):):)
66:) Usually I get up @ 02;00. Today I slept in until )7:50.
67:) Home alone.
68:) The weather is coolin off :):)
69:) I'm not in a relationship. Although it would b nice 2 share my love.
70:) Looking up. I have reviewed my camping trip pic's and I've noticed that every one I'm looking up. Usually I'm too ashamed to look up and hang my head. Yet another sober miracle:):):)
71:) Blogger, 4 giving me a place to share. Free.
72:) A new found respect 4 the new comer.
73:) I just finished adding links to peoples blogs that I visit:):)

Ok I've got to get off of here It's 11:05 I've got to do stuff around the house. Hagd my friends yfg
merry CHRISTmas

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Gwen said...

An almost clean room ~ hmm ~ I want pics mister man!

What a great list, enjoy your day off!